How to make it easier for your cat, you, and the vet!

Things to Consider

Was your cat in pain, stressed or feeling unwell last time it visited the vet? This can make them feel more anxious when they return to the clinic. They remember feeling bad.

The cat carrier: does it just get brought out for visits to the vet or cattery? Your cat will now associate the cat carrier with feeling anxious.

Most cats only travel in the car to visit the vets or the cattery - if your cat feels stressed in the car, they will feel very stressed by the time they reach the clinic.

Cats hate feeling that a situation is out with their control; being unable to escape from a cat carrier, changes in routine, the unusual sensation of sitting in the carrier in the car feeling the movement and hearing the engine…and then, they arrive at the veterinary clinic! There may be barking dogs, strange smalls and sounds…Finally, they are taken out of the carrier in a strange space and a stranger tries to handle them…

Taking all this into consideration, is it surprising that your cat may not enjoy a visit to the vet? We hope we can help with some advice to make things less stressful for your cat, you and the veterinary staff.

  • • Avoid rushing; get your cat used to the carrier beforehand, drive gently, stay calm.
  • • Remember that we offer feline appointments at quieter times and have a consulting room just for cats!
  • • Make sure your carrier is large enough for your cat to turn around in, easy to clean and secure - avoid fabric carriers with zips, or cardboard carriers - the cat may panic and burst out of these and escape.
  • • One carrier per cat - putting cats together will increase stress, no matter how much they love each other at home.
  • • Spray Feliway on and inside the carrier and place a towel or blanket over the carrier - you can spray Feliway on this too.
  • • Bring extra bedding that smells of home
  • • Place the carrier, with a towel or blanket over it, on top of one of the tables in the waiting room.
  • • Leave your cat in the carrier until the vet advises. There is no rush. It is best to give your cat a chance to calm down.


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