Our Cat Wards at Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic


We ensure that cats are offered the highest quality care at Lomond Hills Vets. We continually strive to be as “Feline Friendly” as possible, following guidelines produced by ISFM (International Society for Feline Medicine) and iCatCare (formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau).


Our original cat ward was designed to accommodate cats in comfort, whilst taking into consideration the unique behavioural requirements of our feline friends; any cat owner knows that cats are NOT small dogs!
They have very distinct needs and tend to become stressed if handled inappropriately or put into situations that they feel are outwith their control.


Stressed cats quickly become angry cats and this makes everyone’s jobs more difficult, as well as being unpleasant for the cat.
We now have a bank of 8 luxury feline “condos”, loosely designed on our previous units but with some adjustments.


These units have shelves for the cats to sleep on and are large enough to ensure litter trays, food bowls and water bowls are not next to each other (something that causes stress to many cats). There are portholes for the cat pass through between the sections and all materials are easily cleaned and disinfected.


In addition, we also have 2 isolation units and a “Cat Pod” which is a walk-in area that we can use to take blood samples, measure blood pressure, examine cats etc, out of sight of the other cats in the ward. This space can be used as an exercise and play area for longer-term in-patients.


The ward continually has a Feliway diffuser in action and we follow “Feline Friendly” handling guidelines. 6 units have separate sleeping, feeding and litter areas.


There another 2 units with no shelves or dividers. We use these for very poorly cats that should not be jumping onto shelves, or for older cats with poor mobility. In these units we have placed “Feline Hides” designed and produced by the Cats Protection. These allow cats to snuggle and hide below or on top.


So far, our feline patients have given the ward a purr of approval and the staff find it a calm and relaxing environment to work in.
We hope that these improvements will allow us to apply for ISFM Feline Friendly status.
Watch this space!

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