We do not send out accounts and ask that you please settle your bill at the time of treatment


Pet Insurance

Veterinary care has progressed so far in recent years. Treatments and procedures have advanced tremendously and we are blessed in this area to be within comfortable driving distance of world class specialists in many fields.
Many modern treatments use medicines and equipment which are expensive.

There is no NHS available for pets. We take on the responsibility to own a pet and with that, the responsibility to ensure that pet receives veterinary treatment when necessary. For this reason, we recommend that you consider taking out Pet Insurance for your pet. We would prefer not to make clinical judgements around financial circumstances.

We want to provide the best care we can in accordance with an owner’s wishes. A good pet insurance policy will alleviate these concerns.

Modern veterinary medicine incurs many overheads and other costs which are necessary to provide a high level of veterinary care. We aim to provide the best care at an affordable price but can only maintain this if clients pay for treatment at the time. Please speak to a senior member of staff if you feel you may find this problematic.

Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic will not claim directly from insurance companies. We require full payment at the time which you will then claim back from your insurance company when you complete your claim form.


Repeat Prescriptions

In order to redispense Prescription Only Medication (POM's), the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons code of practice indicates that pets must be under our real care.

For most pets this involves a professional re-examination at regular intervals to the benefit of your pet's health.

These consultations are normally charged at a reduced rate. Check ups intervals are decided upon on an individual basis but many long term medications require check-ups every 3-6 months.

In older pets especially, things can change relatively quickly and many medications can have side effects.


We can issue prescriptions for our clients to buy their medications elsewhere. The practice cannot vouch for the safety or quality control of any medications not purchased from LHVC as there exists an illegal importation and storage of drugs by certain online companies.

There will be a fee for issuing a prescription.