We are a Feline Friendly Practice

waiting area cats

For our feline friends
We have a special cat-only waiting area. Of course, your cat may be perfectly happy out in the general waiting area but most owners and vets find cats like that little bit of seclusion from the rest of society at stressful times.


“feline only” clinics
We run “feline only” clinics, which should ensure no dogs will be present for routine appointments. Obviously, there may be cases where emergencies have to be seen which may mean be other species will be present.

consulting room kitten

Welcoming a new kitten into your home is an exciting time. A kitten will bring lots of fun and joy, but also requires commitment and effort. We are always happy to answer any queries. We have produced this page to offer some general advice.

consulting room cat

individual consulting room
We have an individual consulting room just for our feline friends with Feliway diffuser in action and a wide ledge right next to the window so our curious cats can watch the world go by. This room is quipped with special cat weighing scales.


separate cat ward
We have designed a separate cat ward for our in-patients. Cats really do not like to share their space with noisy dogs and tend to get less stressed and recover better in the peace and quiet of a feline only ward. We are members of the International Cat Care (ICC)

kitten at lomond hills vet

Taking Your Cat to the Vet.


We offer advice on how to make it easier for your cat, you, and us the vet!


blood-pressure monitoring
We offer blood-pressure monitoring for cats and recommend it in all our older patients. We also have Feliway diffusers in our cat ward, soft music playing and usually the lights are dimmed, which really does seem to soothe our cats.


overnight cat “suites”
As well as larger than standard recovery kennels we have overnight “suites”, specially designed to give cats the opportunity to have privacy and feel less stressed whilst being easily observed by our trained staff. We are members of the Int Society of Feline Medicine