Creubhag’s Story

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**THIS IS A GENUINE EMERGENCY!** This won't wait until morning

This amazing old lady is Creubhag. She is a 10 year old Scottish Deerhound - that's pretty old for this breed of dog. Late one night, Creubhag's owner was quick to recognise the signs of an incredibly serious and potentially fatal condition called GDV.

GDV stands for Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus. It is also commonly referred to as bloat or gastric torsion. Basically, the dog's stomach fills with gas and gets bigger and bigger, pressing on the organs around it.

In many dogs the stomach then twists and the dog goes into shock rapidly. ***THIS IS A GENUINE EMERGENCY!!*** This won't wait until morning. Unless treated promptly, the dog WILL die!

Luckily for Creubhag, her owner knew the clinical signs to look for and called us immediately. We operated through the night and managed to successfully untwist her stomach.

She was a very poorly girl as her age was against her and even when surgery is successful, dogs may still die due to the serious damage to other parts of the body, especially the heart. It involves major surgery on an extremely sick patient.

Creubhag however, is a determined old girl and fought on, eventually being allowed home after 3 days with us.

Creubhag was very lucky for three reasons:
1) Her owner knew the warning signs, and called us immediately. The longer these dogs are left, the less likely they will survive.
2) Her owner gave her a chance even given her advancing years. We have a special soft spot for our silver whiskered patients so it was a privilege to give her a chance.
3) She is a feisty old lady with spirit!