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Committed to the best health care
Our “A Lifetime of Caring” healthcare plan allows owners the opportunity to spread the costs of their pet's routine healthcare, i.e. vaccinations, parasite control and general health checks, whilst benefitting from discounts on many other services and products.

We firmly believe that preventive healthcare is optimum, and that a pro-active healthcare plan is an intrinsic part of responsible veterinary practice and pet ownership.

We do not believe in a corporate “one size fits all” approach to veterinary care, so we have spent considerable time developing a healthcare plan that fits your pet’s individual needs, whilst offering you value for money and a means of spreading the costs throughout the year.
We love older pets!
Everyone knows how much the entire Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic team love older pets.
To us, age is no more than a number, and our senior patients deserve to be offered the same level of care and treatment as their younger counterparts.
We have introduced a “Silver Whiskers” bolt-on for older dogs and cats to offer affordable monitoring of your loyal companions as they age.
Tailormade Parasite Control
With the plethora of parasitic control products available, and the rising risk of previously rare parasitic diseases, we have developed a flexible but tailor-made parasitic control programme to ensure your pet receives the treatment best suited to their lifestyle and risk category.
With this in mind, we have produced a “Town and Country” tick prevention bolt-on for owners who prefer a monthly tablet with proven efficacy.

Clients with concerns about lungworm should discuss this with a vet or Veterinary Nurse; products used to aid lungworm control are eligible for a 10% discount and can be added to the regular programme for further peace of mind.

Member of our “A Lifetime of Caring” healthcare plan are eligible for a free parasitic assessment for their pet to ensure that products are appropriate for the individual pet.
This involves completion of a form which can be completed at home or during a nurse clinic.
An elderly and sedentary dog needs an parasitic control programme which differs greatly from that of a young, active dog that spends a lot of time running through deep heather or long grass.
Equally, the town cat that spends most of its time indoors and only ventures out into the garden for a daily potter, has much different requirements from the active hunting cat with a large rural territory.

Lifetime of caring healthcare plan