Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic House Call Service Tel 01592 748 868

  • Do you find sitting in the vet’s waiting room stressful?
    Does your pet?
  • Do you struggle to get your cat in the cat carrier?
  • Do you have multiple pets and find to-ing and fro-ing to the vets difficult?
  • Are you housebound, have mobility problems or have no transport?
    You are not alone!



After over 35 years joint experience in veterinary practice, owning pets ourselves and having lots of pet-owning friends, we know that the trip to the vet’s surgery is not always that simple.
As a result, lots of well-loved pets miss out on vaccinations and routine check ups.
Health issues are sometimes left a little too long before the decision to see the vet is made.


This is not because people don’t care. It’s simply because time, health, mobility and practical issues arise.
Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic Housecall Service aims to change all this.
We want to see pets that can’t make it to our surgery for whatever reason.

Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic aims to provide an affordable housecall service for REGISTERED clients within a 5km radius of the clinic.

Outwith this zone, surcharges apply.


The Housecall Service is designed for routine procedures such as vaccinations, health checks and simple procedures such as nail clips. If your pet is very poorly or needs further investigations or tests then we may recommend that your pet comes to the surgery.

(Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic reserves the right to organise these services at times convenient to the clinic and may withdraw this service at any time).

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