Congratulations on your new Kitten!

Welcoming a new kitten into your home is an exciting time. A kitten will bring lots of fun and joy, but also requires commitment and effort. We are always happy to answer any queries regarding kitten care.

As a feline friendly practice we encourage the vaccination of ALL cats in accordance with the most recent scientific advice.

We recommend all kittens are vaccinated against the Feline Respiratory (“Flu”) Viruses and Feline Panleukaemia Virus. Vaccines against these diseases are known as “Core Vaccines” and kittens can start the vaccine course at 9 weeks old.

A second vaccination is given 3-4 weeks later (kittens must be at least 12 weeks old for the 2nd vaccination). We also recommend vaccination against Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) as standard in most kittens. Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic has chosen to use Purevax cat vaccines.

We researched and spoke to feline specialists before making the decision to use these vaccines. We believe they are currently the safest and most effective vaccines available in the UK. Side-effects due to vaccination are very rare.

Your kitten may be a bit quiet for 24 hours after receiving a vaccine. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are concerned. All kittens receive a full healthcheck at vaccination - this is a good time to ask any questions about your kitten's care.

As a responsible pet owner, we advise that you consider the following for your new kitten:

- Microchipping
- Pet Insurance
- Neutering – we recommend routine neutering of ALL pet cats. This can be carried out from 4 months old subject to a health check before hand.
- Regular worming with a quality product. Many supermarket and pet shop wormers are not fully effective, particularly in kittens.
- Regular flea and tick prevention (we are seeing ticks more and more in very early Spring and late Autumn). Again, many products sold in supermarkets and pet shops are not fully effective and some are extremely dangerous to cats.
- Feeding a good quality food appropriate for your individual kitten – we are happy to advise.

Our “Lifetime of Caring” Healthcare Plan can help you spread the cost of routine preventative care. Please ask for further information.
Useful information:
The Perfect Kitten – How to Raise a Problem Free Cat, Peter Neville and Claire Bessant ISBN 13: 9780600623373 ISBN 10:
The Kitten Whisperer, Clare Bessant ISBN 13: 9780764130533 ISBN 10: 0764130536
Both books are available from and
Remember, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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