Welcome to Lomond Hills Veterinary Clinic      Tel 01592 748 868     24 hr emergency service


our services

For routine healthcare, we offer annual health checks, vaccinations, dental checks and free puppy/kitten/new pet checks. Our
nurse clinics are run by a fully qualified and highly trained veterinary nurse who can advise on diet, weight loss and puppy/kitten care.

Nail clips, stitch removal, dental checks and blood sampling can all be done during a nurse clinic. Our experienced and highly trained staff will be happy to offer advice on any aspect of pet ownership or healthcare.


We cater for all pets

We cater for all household pets from dogs and cats to rabbits and all cage pets.
We fully realise that not all of our furry friends like meeting other species and that coming to the vets can be stressful enough!

For this reason, we have implemented various systems to avoid cats getting stressed by dogs or vice versa – (the cats rule the dogs in our house!!), rabbits coming eyeball to eyeball with cats and dogs and nervous pets avoiding busy times if possible.


care of the older pet

We have a special interest in the care of the older pet.
Pets are living longer and longer these days and illnesses which affect these patients can often be diagnosed in the early stages.

We offer advice on care of the older pet. We won’t avoid treatment options just because your pet is older.


15 minute appointments

We believe that visiting the vets should neither be stressful for your pet or you!

We hope that our longer than usual appointments will give us the chance to discuss your pet’s care and answer any of your questions. Please do not feel shy about asking us questions – we enjoy the challenge!